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Welcome to the Jenseits der Siegel

Light and shadow

A whole day more "Beyond the Seals"!
A whole day more Mythodea!
A whole day more ambience and relaxation!
From 01 to 06 June 2021
Enjoy six days of Mythodea:

fascination, relaxation, recreation, pleasure,
diplomacy, commerce, knowledge, insights,
entertainment, arena, fair, taverns,
magic, secrets, puzzles, stealth,
light ans shadow
Beyond the Seals - The Mythodea ambience Con

From 01 to 06 June 2021

Scout Center Immenhausen
34376 Immenhausen

For kids at the JDS

We are happy to announce that the "Waldritter" are planning a program with supervision and even their own plot for children for the upcoming JDS.
More information about content and procedure, as well as registration will be available as planning progresses.

Pompfball, Feast of Lights und anniversary

  • The third big pompfball tournament in Holzbrück.
  • All under the sign of "light and shadow": A big fest of lights is announced!
  • Her Excellency Ka'Shalee Zress and his Excellency Kop-tar invite to the convention, the Northern Seal celebrates its 15th anniversary!

The Beyond the Seals (Jenseits der Siegel, short "JDS") is a 6-day live role-playing game in your own tent and self-catering. Before the "Chronicles of Mythodea" it was the first spin-off event of the ConQuest, the world's biggest LARP.

Like the ConQuest, the Beyond of Seals plays in the fantastic world of Mythodea, where an ancient conflict rages between the sacred elements of creation (fire, earth, water, air and magic) and their forsaken opponents.

While on the ConQuest and Chronicles this conflict is directly fought out and is always the focus of attention, on the JDS the focus is more on the little stories that make the world liveable and lovable.
The Beyond the Seals is all about the groups of settlers who have made Mythodea their home in recent years and who shape the daily life as well as the politics of the country.

At the same time the convent of the elements is celebrated and with arena, tavern & city simulation a large number of game incentives are offered.

The JDS is definitely more "pleasant" than the other two events and impresses with its high level of ambience, game density as well as its pronounced family friendliness.

All Information about...

All Information about...

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