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Beyond the Seals - General Information

Everything important on sight...

Here you can find all answers on your organisational questions:

Date / Location

The "Jenseits der Siegel" (Beyond the Seals) is a 6-day ambience and diplomacy Larp-Event from 09. to 14. June 2020 at:
BdP-Bundeszentrum Immenhausen, Kesselhaken 23, 34376 Immenhausen.

The regular arrival will take place on Tuesday, June 9th, 2020. We recommend that you arrive in time, as from the beginning of the game no cars will be left on the site and you can no longer unload near your campsite. The game begins after the SL speech on the marketplace. (Tuesday, approx. 18:30 h).
Early Arrival
Bank Account Details
Loss of ticket
Loss of ribbon
Unloading zone late arrival
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