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The gladiators

Blood and Honor for the Arena!

The crowd started cheering when Sorius the Impaler entered the arena, as it had for the last one hundred times.
For a few months now - ever since he had won the big fight against Shuhak the Orc - he had been a celebrated hero of the arena. But life as a successful gladiator didn't just mean having to win - you had to do it in style, enticing the audience with your skills.
Surely, there were better warriors out there than Sorius, having killed many enemies in battle, yet it was Sorius' great talent to create fights like true pieces of art, moving slowly and deliberately and then lightning-fast, easy-going and all smiles one moment, burning with fury and dealing heavy blows the next.
With his weapon in his hand he stepped into the arena, weary and perfectly poised - time to rock the show

A central element of this year's fair will be a great arena with a training camp for gladiators enclosed. That's why we are looking for a group of brave NPCs interested in being slaught...hailed as glorious victors after a hard fight in the arena.

The gladiators - men and women - will be set roles, but you will have time to switch to some smaller roles over the day, depending also on the fate (read. Survival) of you gladiator character, of course.

Interested yet?
Then please send us a picture of you in your gladiator garb - ideas for a "nom de guerre" are also welcome - and explain to us what the masses will love about this gladiator.

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