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The free cities in the bay of Heolysos

This is where the delegations of the city-states camp, founded in the bay of Heolysos.


Porto Leonis
Porto Leonis is a big melting pot of different ways of life and ideas, which unites one thing. The desire to live in Mythodea and to escape the system of estates of the old homeland.

Münzquell is characterized by the passing of the golden heritage, which means elemental loyalty, but without the homage of the Quihen'Assil.

In Askalon those who have fled from the - at last chaotic - conditions in Freyenmark, but also all those who do not feel at home in the sealed areas under the rule of Archon and Nyame, because here they can be equals among equals.

Blutgard, the town that carved into the stone of the bay of Heolysos is more like a fortress. Numerous secrets entwine around the deep catacombs and mysterious fairy forests that are located in the new home of the Blood Pact.

Ad Astra
Ad Astra is strongly related to the seal kingdoms, tribes and elements. In the bay of Heolysos, the ruined city of Asina is now being rebuilt and serves as home and base for the fighters, friends and allies of Ad Astra.

Chroniken von Mythodea