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The free Camp


Adventurers and vagabonds, soldiers of fortune and scoundrels, villains and heroes ... the flow of settlers to Mythodea never ceases.
Some are looking for a new home, others for fabled riches or the next adventure.
Most of them havent yet found their place in this new world, many don't want to attach their fate to that of a liege lord or simply value their independence above all else.
Still, their decisions often tip the scales in our world, which makes it a grievous mistake to underestimate them. Their voices will be heard at the convent, their coin will be welcome at the fair.

Event though the popularity of the lands of the seals is ever growing "Beyond the Seals" will continue to be accessible for those who are not playing settlers of Mythodea. It doesn't matter whether you want to enjoy your own game or take a closer look at the four seals - there is always room for you!

Chroniken von Mythodea