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The town Holzbrück

Holzbrück was founded six years ago (JDS 2013) by Antonio Maria de la Tiroli by deciding to settle down with his travelling fair. The founding families as well as the attractions and traders around the Rabenschrey Arena still have great influence in the city (coachman, tavern, O'Gradys, Red Code, Ludus Cruentus, House Amaranth and Fono).

Due to the new structures and the recurring convent, a flourishing little town on the great east-west route could be formed in the heart of Mythodea. Tyrol's most skilful move was that he did not hold the "big" offices in Steinbrück itself, as he did in the past, but took part in all of Holzbrück's shops with his club for commandit shops and proximity to citizens (FCB for short).
As president of the club, he is now also investing in his newly discovered passion: the pompfball team of FCB Holzbrück.

Brother Quinn of the Red Codex and the upstart Thomas Breitenstein are dead, the mayor post of Holzbrück is currently vacant. The city administration is currently maintained by a protector.

Meanwhile Antonio de la Tiroli continues to work diligently on his memoirs and profits from his arena. But he will have to search for new sources of money, because due to the war in Kal'Hatra it will hardly be possible to make a profit from the trade agreement.
And whoever speculates on the mayoral post will not get far without his benevolence.
For even if it seems that he has almost completely withdrawn from politics and makes little use of his position in the Citizens' Council, every evening he sits in the "skull and club" of the Citizens' Table.

And so we are all curious to see how the history of Bad Holzbrück develops.
Chroniken von Mythodea