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The Setting

„Beyond the Seals“ is a combination of different LARP concepts including the ambience setting of a town-simulation with high level intrigues and political game embedded in the Mythodea campaign storyline. It took us a couple of years to figure out the best balance between those aspects but the success in 2016 reassured us that we were on the right track. So we will stay with last years concept and improve only some minor parts of it.

An important part of the plot lines at "Beyond the Seals" are: 
  • Stories from Chronicles or ConQuest that were not finished there and need some more in-game attention
  • Ideas and impulses brought up by PC groups (for example born on the campaigne game)
  • Rituals or events that were previously brought to our attention
Since many of those tend to be topics of worldwide impact (many of them including the Forsaken - at least in the background - or some impending worldwide doom), we try very hard to balance this "high-end" plot with as much "low-power" casual play. The "Beyond the Seals" always had an air of easiness that we very much wish to preserve. Therefor, we have some groundrules: 
  • No imminent threat (e.g. enemy army, attacks, etc.)
  • More than sufficent storylines that everyone can play in (even without campaign knowledge)
  • The town-sim as well as the convent need to remain at the heart of everything that happens
Chroniken von Mythodea