The Convent

Hosted by the Western Seal

The convent of the elements is every year a meeting point for the tribes and settlers, sovereigns and scholars from every part of Mythodea. Apart from the big battle fields - be it on Mythodea or in Kelriothar - we meet here to discuss the past, the present and the future.

Next years convent will be hosted by the Western Seal, who will be entertaining for the third time - a mythodean record!

Many of what is to come is not yet revealed but there might be a reason, why the upcoming "Chronicles" takes place so close to the Western border and the next "Beyond the Seals" bears the subtitle "Westwind"...
Honoured settlers and convent visitors!

The West once again hosts the "Beyond the Seals" Convention.
As usual, the Convention should provide space for diplomacy and trade, for discussions about experiences and upcoming plans, as well as for joy, dance and music.
Numerous amusements will be as enticing as many worthwhile contracts.

We are happy to invite the settlers to spend a convent with us.
The West will offer sporting activities and opportunities to make important strategic decisions.

Come with us to Holzbrück and experience a fresh breeze from the West!

Siobhán NíCharthaigh, Nyame of the West
Collin Mac Corribh, Archon of the West
Wallays of Ravenschrey, Thul`heen of the West
Chroniken von Mythodea