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The peoples Sport!

The pitch was on fire and all over Holzbrück the enthusiastic calls of the many spectators could be heard, when "Viribus United" gloriously won the cup in the final of the second year of the tournament.
Reason enough for the competition to carve the pompoms and harden the heads to be ready in 2020, when it says again: "Off we go for the third pomp ball tournament in Holzbrück".

Seven years ago, settlers brought the sport "Pompfball" (an IT variant of field hockey) to Mythodea. Since then, the Almitrasperan Pompfball Championship has been held every two years on the southern continent.

In 2018 the funny sport conquered the beyond of seals, since then every year a great tournament for the "challenge cup" is played.

The Cup Winners:
2019: Viribus United
2018: Gold-Green Terra 04

The basic rules

  • a game lasts 2x 8 minutes on a 15x25m sized field
  • each team consists of one goalie and 4 field players
  • after regular game time has ended, extra time will end with the golden goal
  • at the end of the overtime a penalty shootout decides the winner
  • every foul the referee sees will be punished
In order to play you need...
  • five players (absolute minimum, eight would be better!)
  • each team provides a referee (if it does not play)

Other rules: 

  • your are allowed to bring your own "Pompfen" (rackets), but must meet the requirements.
  • soccer shoes, hardened boots, etc. are forbidden.
  • since it is a LARP sport, "athletic toughness" is obligatory in every form. But it is only allowed IN GAME and therefor not REAL. Please be considerate, controlled and abide by OOC agreements with your opponents at all times during the game. 
Tournament registration starts in autumn.
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