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The Funfair

Come all ye people and experience the wicked rush of colour, emotion and pleasure that is Tiroli's superextraordinarilicious travelling fair! Be dumfounded by new and old attractions, have a blast among the booths, see the grand arena of the FCB!
Thrilling fights and games await you!

Ye fearless warriors joining the great manoeuvre to prepare for gruesome battle, come and find pleasure and distraction at great prices.

Ye high and mighty lords come for the convent, relieve your aching head with a cool brew in our taverns and let your hearts be lightened by dance and song!

And there's more... much more!

This year's focus of attention is again on the Town-simmulation and Travelling Fair.
At the arena you can let yourself be entertained by the gladiators or even go that one step further and train to be a gladiator yourself!
The merchants will of course again provide wonders and delicacies to enjoy and the taverns will cater to your very heart's desire with cold beer and music every night.
Or rather relax in the bathing house?
It's up to you.
Chroniken von Mythodea