The world of Mythodea

The world of Mythodea is the frame the "ConQuest" and "Beyond the Seals (JDS)" were created within - as well as the smaller events done by the different Seals. Within the last 10 years, this world has continuously grown and become more complex and fascinating than anyone would ever have believed possible. To get a feeling for the sheer knowledge that has been collected in this time, please visit our library (only in German available).
Mythodea has grown to be home to almost 100 groups and people who settled the five great Seals as well as the Freyenmark. All events and conventions that take place on Mythodea are part of one big story-arc and world campaign.

To just get a head start, here's Mythodea in a nutshell:

1. In the beginning, there were the elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. They existed in their contradicting and antithetic way and created nothing but themselves. Chaos and raging of the elements lasted until a fifth element was born from the primordial four, completely equal to them. Magic, the power in between, flowing in all existence and combining it all.

2. Some of the more complex beings created by the elements developed the ability to cognize and mentally interfuse the nature of the elements. A long time ago, the Rulers reigned the land, an old and powerful race of gifted and wise beings. The powers of the Rulers had their origin in the elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Magic.

3. But longing for independence, they outgrew the five elements and created, what was to haunt the land as the "Second Creation" and called "The Ratio". The first of those creators became known as the "Primordial Skeptics". Their scholars were later called the "Forsaken" for they created the four "Forsaken Elements": Black Ice instead of Fire, Void, where once was Air, Pestilence from formerly clear Water and Undead Flesh instead of Earth.

4. The Primordial Skeptics left the world to head into the "Mirrorworld" which they had created. Soon after, war rose between the followers of the Forsaken and those of the original elements, which devastated Mitraspera (as Mythodea was called once).

5. Furiously, the elements rose against their enemy and ignited the Worldfire, which devoured every single mortal being on earth that was part of this war. In this way, it even altered the face of the world...

6. The Worldfire ended the war and the Forsaken and their Rulers were banned beneath 5 Seals. 5 Seals which also sealed the world to give it time to heal.

7. The last True Rulers were banned from Mythodea - they or their descendants were not to come back until the land was completely healed and prepared to be filled with new life.

8. When this time had come they did return - a thousand generations later. Unaware of their heirdom and many of the old prophecies they set upon the task to open the Seals.

9. It was during the battle for the fifth and final seal, which covered the tracks of the Primordial Skeptics and into the Mirrorworld that Paolo Armatio (the man who rediscovered Mythodea) as well as his arch enemy Fileas Strongbow (also called "Argus") were both killed. At the same time, the last of the ancient prophecies were fulfilled and The Return was completed.

10. Thus ended the Third Age with the beginning of the Rule of the Descendants. But if they were heading towards repeating their forefathers mistakes or lead Mythodea into a new and shining future... this has yet to be seen.

Chroniken von Mythodea