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The world of Mythodea

The world of Mythodea is the frame the "ConQuest" and "Beyond the Seals (JDS)" were created within - as well as the smaller events done by the different Seals. Within the last 10 years, this world has continuously grown and become more complex and fascinating than anyone would ever have believed possible. To get a feeling for the sheer knowledge that has been collected in this time, please visit our library (only in German available).
Mythodea has grown to be home to almost 100 groups and people who settled the five great Seals as well as the Freyenmark. All events and conventions that take place on Mythodea are part of one big story-arc and world campaign.

To just get a head start, here's Mythodea in a nutshell:

1. The world has its origin in four elements (fire, water, earth, air), which are connected by the fifth element (magic). Fire is called Ignis, water Aqua, earth Terra, air Aeris and magic Magica.

2. A very long time ago there were godlike beings, which are now known under the term " the ancient rulers ". Created by the embodiments of the elements (the Quihen'Assil / world children) these very different peoples ruled over the world, which they called Mitraspera.

3. The Ancient Rulers created many wonders. So also new life in the form of the elemental tribes. These are also called servant tribes by some, since they were created to serve, which today calls for some controversy.

4. The Ancient Rulers, however, at some point became overconfident out of curiosity and created things beyond the boundaries permitted by the Elements (and their representatives the Avatars).

5. Under the leadership of the so-called primordial sceptics, perverted "improvements" were created from the original elements. This school of thought and ideas called itself Ratio:
The black ice instead of fire
The void instead of air
Oily pestilence instead of water
The undead flesh instead of the earth.
These are the fosaken.

6. However, a war broke out between the disciples of the primordial sceptics (the forsaken), the followers of the original (often called sacred) elements against the primordial sceptics. This war devastated the world, and in the end, an alliance of elements loyal and forsaken (the Pact of the Nine) won. The primordial sceptics were expelled and fled to a self-created world: The Mirrorworld.

7. However, the dispute between the so-called second creation (the forsaken) and the first creation (the elements) could never be settled. These forces and parties were too different. And so soon a new war broke out.

8. The great war ended with a cataclysm when the elements directly intervened and descended into the world. They unleashed the world fire and expelled the Ancient Rulers of Mitraspera, leaving the land barren and almost lifeless.

9. After eons, the heirs of the once expelled Old Rulers returned. At least that's what the prophecies say. Under Paolo Armation, the continent was rediscovered and explored.

10. The seals, which had once closed the power of the land, were opened and correspond to these 5 empires were founded and rulers (a Nyame and an Archon) were appointed. But each seal also recalled an evil and so the fprsaken rose again to conquer the world.

11. In the battle for the fifth and last seal, which concealed the retreat of the primordial sceptics, both Paolo Armatio (the rediscoverer of Mythodea) and his eternal antagonist Fileas Strongbow (also called Argus) were finally beaten to death. But at the same time the old prophecy was fulfilled and the return was completed.

12. Thus ended the third age in which the heirs of the exiled returned and faced the creation of their forefathers. Together, they defeated the primordial sceptics in their perverted mirror world and destroyed this false world.

Chroniken von Mythodea