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The story so far...

JDS 2007 "Always trouble with Steinbrück"
The Convention of Elements introduces the new rulers of Mythodea, who represent the country's politics. Furthermore, the town-sim gives the attached Mythodean settlers the opportunity to experience their world outside the great adventures. The scene is (old) Steinbrück, a mine settlement of the Maritime Guild under Mayor Antonio de la Tiroli.

JDS 2008 "Back to Steinbrück!"
Diplomacy and settler-play gain importance. The convention is organized by the Achenar (East player group).

JDS 2009 "Now with 25 Silver Moving Bonus!"
The settlers are searching for Siegelstatt and on their way, found ‚Trebal am Waldbach‘. Meanwhile, truly important events unfold on on the JDS: the betrayal of the Archon Elkantar and the rescue of the Naldar hero Klais Windbringer.

JDS 2010 "Off to the south!"
Again change of venue and move to (New) Steinbrück, better known as Schlammbrück. The West takes over the Convention's patronage and the Tivar Khar'assil are founded.

JDS 2011 "Scary, Beautiful, Spectacular!"
Tiroli founds its annual market on the festival of Habanas Wacht and the convent prevails. A band of robbers, who would later form the Red Codex, are said to roam the woods.

JDS 2012 "Something is burning in the state of Tiroli!"
The Red Codex and a Ghost of Vengance keep the convention (organized by the Southern Seal) in check.
JDS 2013 "Bread and Circuses"
The fair needs more space and moves to Holzbrück. There the Convention of the North takes place and one finds the place of Shan'abbar. However, the main attraction is the new Rabenschrey Arena.

JDS 2014 "War and Peace"
As the war expedition to Kelriothar is imminent, the settlers find it expedient to form a council of war. Fittingly, the Convention is on anyway, this time under the patronage of the East.

JDS 2015 "Bonfires!"
The Red Codex under Merth'yar dominates the conversation, the fanatization of Ignis is on everyone's lips. The West is hosting the Convention while Naldar settlements are burning in its homeland ...

JDS 2016 "Embers and thorns"
The mood around Kal'hatra, the new kingdom of revenge Ignis, is escalating. Each seal must somehow position itself in the smoldering conflict and old hostilities break out again.

JDS 2017 "Shadow play"
The Freyenmark, finally recognized by the elements, is hosting its first convention. On the sidelines, examinations for the Nyames are being held.

JDS 2018 "The Ways of Magic"
The Southern Seal hosts its second Convention (the first was in 2012) and established "Pompfball" as the most popular sports event on Mythodea. The Eastern Seal crowned a new Nyame and Magicas supporters tried very hard to stop the conflict between the other Elements from escalating.

JDS 2019 „Westwind“
The mayor is dead, long live the mayor!? In this eventful year, not only for Holzbrück, the West hosted its third convent. The south celebrates a new Nyame and Viribus United becomes champion in the big Pompfballturnier.
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